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No More War

by Jon Raven

Released 2018
Released 2018
This track was originally Co Produced by Jon Raven and Award Winning (Juno) Canadian Producer Rick Kilburn. Jon Remixed and Remastered this brooding tune in February 2018; along with doing some overdubs. The vocals are brutal and the guitars moody.

Jon Raven began performing at the tender age of five, with his brother's gospel band "The Brothers and Ruth" who produced three successful albums. By the age of nine he had sang alongside such gospel legends as "The Dixie Melody Boys", "The Oak Ridge Boys, "The Hopper Brothers and Connie" and many more. Many of the Gospel Artists that Jon performed with as a child, later, went on to become secular country stars.

At the age of thirteen, Jon signed his first modeling contract and worked on many successful print campaigns. This lead to commercials and further success. In 1984, Jon took first place in Fighting, and Forms at the U.S. Tae Kwon Do Championships. This opened the door for an opportunity to perform a fight scene, in the made for television movie, "Peyton Place; The Next Generation". Sparked by that first day on set, Raven realized he had two loves in his life; Film and Music.

Taking film extremely seriously, he decided to study with Adam Roarke, at the now infamous, "Film Actors Lab", located in Dallas, Texas. A reporter, dubbed, the Film Actors Lab the " Hell's Angels School of Acting". Lou Diamond Phillips, being the most famous alumni, spent many hours with Jon honing improvisational skills. Raven feels that these skills are a key element of a musical or dramatic performance.

Throughout the 80's and 90's Jon was Front Man, and Guitarist, for many bands with varying degrees of success; but, chose to start fresh with the new millennium as a Solo Artist. He co-produced his first solo album with award winning Canadian producer, Rick Kilborn; and also Glenna Powrie, at Riverside Studios in Burnaby, Canada. Jon recorded a second solo album, as well as produced the tracks for White Raven Records Recording Artist Heather Ann's first solo album. Jon also collaborated with Grammy Winning Producer Bill Cuomo who produced "Cruel & Unusual" with Jon. In the past he has worked with Grammy Winning Producer Bob Kulick, Juno Winning Producer Rick Kilburn, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, and many more over the years in a career that has taken Jon around the Globe and spanned over three decades.

Jon founded Rock God Entertainment Group, a video game production company, with the goal of developing interactive entertainment based video games and products that allows the user to be immersed in the world of being a Rock Legend. The purpose of the Rock God game series is to introduce the “Real Life” of Rock Stars and to reacquaint Classic Rock fans with their adolescent idols. The first of a series of games is currently in development; though with a different company and team.

Recently Raven was the Head of A & R for the legendary Blues Label CSP Records; known for having powerhouse Artist such as Fat's Domino in their catalog. He has appeared in television projects; recorded audio books, radio appearances and several music projects. And that was just last year folks! Jon also has numerous recording projects in various phases of production all slated for release in 2017. Jon is also working on some great technical innovations to improve the home recording experience as well as a series of tutorial videos for those interested in learning about the recording industry. Raven is presently working in a mobile studio in an undisclosed location on projects so sexy and cool there wont be a dry seat left in the house once they are released!