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I Want You (Live)

by Jon Raven

Released 2017
Released 2017
Soulful Rock Vocals with Melodic Rock Guitars; a ballad by a band that lived the life and never compromised their music.
We have received numerous requests from fans for music by Jon Raven from his roots in the 80s and 90s. The concern was that all of this music was lost forever. Through a twist of fate an old tape of a live performance by Steele Raven from 1992 was discovered purely by accident in a basket of old religious tapes (no joke). After many months of restoration work, we are very pleased to release the first ballad from the The Lost Years Collection to the public. These songs reflect a time when people around the world had a similar attitude that we have now - we need an escape from the struggles we are facing and we need good "old fashioned" in your face head banging rock 'n roll. There are no political messages or hidden agendas here - however we are NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT. Our intention with this music is to be sure there isn't a dry seat left in the house....